About Me

My name is Kelly Albin and I currently reside in the beautiful Kawarthas in Ontario, Canada.  I am a Forester and biologist by trade, and a Natural Resources Law Enforcement graduate, however I also went to a fine arts high school in Scarborough, and my mother tells me I have always taken to art since she can remember.  She often jokes that in kindergarten my art pieces were incredibly detailed in comparison, and she could point them out a mile away.
Throughout the years, I have lived, gone to school and/or worked literally all over the world, from New Brunswick to British Columbia, to Saudi Arabia, and all in between. Throughout, Art has interwoven itself between the forefront and background of my life. 
What I have come to understand, is that I truly come to life when I am creating, and it has taken me years to realize that art is not just something that I do,  I am an artist at the core of my being, striving to creatively maneuver this life.  Which also means that more often than not, I have paint in my hair and/or all over my hands. 
I love all aspects of creating and am in an artist's playground, incorporating and learning different media and techniques. I hope my art brings you as much joy as it brings me in creating it. We all view this world through the prism of our own perspectives. Each art piece is a small reflection of the world as I see it. May it evoke some thought and feeling into your world.
Thank you for taking the time to view my work.

I invite you to follow me on instagram @bluefrogslegs to be first to see my new work and process.